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So, What Is Dual-Booting?- When it comes to smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, the simple explanation is “turning on” or “booting up” the device and OS system. Ultimately, booting lets you go from a powered-off state to the loading of an operating system. In theory, dual booting allows you to own one device with both OS, as such eliminating the need for multiple devices, i.e. a tablet and desktop PC, saving you cold hard cash.



If the sound of saving money and the ability of being able to run Windows 10 Pro and Android on one device appeals, then this tablet is an interesting prospect for a lot of business users on a budget.

Over the last year or so you will have heard that a multitude of devices in the Chinese market are offering the ability for users to dual boot into either Windows OS or Android, but what makes this tablet special, and stand out from the crowd? It runs on both Windows 10 Pro and Android and comes with free pre-installed copy of Office Pro Plus, saving the business user a small fortune on the devices, as well on software.

By now you can surely see the savings are tremendous with no need for duplicate devices, potentially saving you £££ and a free copy of Office Pro Plus 2013, giving you second to none professional collaboration tools, productivity tools, reducing the need for monthly subscriptions to software and the ability to work from virtually any location.

So let’s take a look at the specifications of the Onda V116w.

Key features:


  • 1920 x 1080 IPS 11.6" display
  • 11.6 inch IPS Air Retina Screen, IGZO Technology
  • Intel Bay Trail-T Z3736F, Quad Core
  • 2GB of Ram
  • It's got a 64GB eMMC drive
  • USB 2.0 port
  • 3G sim card support
  • Expansion Up to 128GB TF card (Android only 32GB TF)
  • Front 2.0MP Back 5.0MP AF Cameras
  • Lithium 8800mAh Battery


Design and Build Quality

Onda V116w - Latest Budget Windows 10 & Android Dual Boot Business Tablet

We at One Tech Gadgets find this tablet pretty sleek looking. It’s thin, light, looks and feels expensive. Pretty dam sure to impress. What’s more it comes with an 11.6 inch IPS Air Retina Screen, a resolution of 1920 x 1080pixcels, a full USB 2.0 port and a keyboard docking connector which gives this tablet a characterized business user focus. The screen comes with a screen protector as standard like most Onda devices, with an extremely bright and sharp in comparison to a Surface Pro 3, top marks and out trumps all devices which are comparable in today’s market.

Hardware & Build


The Onda v116w runs off an Intel Bay Trail-T Z3736F, Quad Core chipset with a single core boost speed of 2.16Ghz, offering higher burst speeds and slightly more performance over standard tablets, it also boasts 2gb of ram with the ability to expand up to 128GB TF card (Android only 32GB TF)


Dual Boot System – Windows 10 Pro & Android 4.4


Onda V116w - Latest Budget Windows 10 Pro & Android Dual Boot Business Tablet
Switching systems is a breeze. Default loading OS is Windows 10, with the Windows task bar comes an Android logo, by clicking the android logo you automatically switch to Android 4.4 OS and via versa. Getting the best of both worlds, The Android OS experience is enjoyable unlike a lot of other Chinese tablets in today’s markets. The larger screen allows for larger more comfortable distance viewing as such graphics can be enjoyed more, and games that require precise tapping can be played easier.

Battery Life

The Onda v116w offers and internal 8000mAH battery, we managed to achieve about 6 hours under Windows 10 continual use and with android about 5 hours continual use, which is on par with the Teclast x98.

Audio Speakers

Not as loud as we would have hoped for, but let’s be honest who really wants to hear music, video, or gaming booming out of a business tablet!

On Board Cameras

Like most tablets available on the market, the Onda V116w offers a dual camera system, rear facing 5MP sensor and the front facing camera 2MP sensor, suitable for video calling and the alike.

Benefits of the Onda V116w
CHEAP smartphones and tablets

The Onda V116w has a lot of positives; the brightest screen to date on any tablet available in the UK market, even better than the Surface Pro 3, a dual boot operating system from Windows 10 to Android 4.4, business specs software fully installed such as Office Pro Plus 2013, the price of two devices for one at a very competitive price, If you would like to get your hands on an Onda V116w, then look no further than OneTech Gadgets, the UK'S only independent etailer for budget devices. We offer unparalleled customer service and support, a 14 day money back guarantee and for a limited time additional discounts which can be seen at the top of the site. Grab your discount today and in 48 hrs the Onda V116w will be part of your day to day business operations.



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