How do I choose the right Smartphone/Tablet/iPad/Laptop for me?

Choosing the right device for you depends on several factors, including your budget, the operating system you prefer, and the specific features and functions you require. Consider what you will be using your device for on a daily basis, and make sure the device you choose has the capability to meet those needs.

  • Consider budget
  • Consider the preferred operating system
  • Consider specific features and functions required for daily usage
  • Make sure the device you choose meets your daily needs
How do I keep my smart device secure?

There are several steps you can take to keep your device secure, including using a password or PIN to lock your device, being cautious when downloading apps, and being mindful of the personal information you store on your device. You can also install security software to help protect your device from malicious attacks.

  • Use a password or PIN to lock your device
  • Be cautious when downloading apps
  • Be mindful of the personal information you store on your device
  • Install security software to help protect your device from malicious attacks.
Can I perform a firmware/System update/hard factory reset of my Smartphone/Tablet?
The product manufacturer's Warranty is valid for the firmware provided. Any issues arising as a result of System updates or flashing the wrong firmware will not be covered. A hard factory reset can wipe out existing firmware altogether. We do not authorise this and hold no responsibility for System update/firmware flash failure or other technical issues arising afterwards. Always seek professional technical support for your device.
Do you provide a Product Warranty?
OneTech Gadgets is a UK-based company that does not manufacture any products. Product warranty is provided by the Manufacturers which is usually a 12-month manufacturer warranty for all new mobiles and tablets for mechanical faults only. This warranty will not cover any parts, batteries, unauthorised firmware/system update, hard factory reset, software and language issues arising due to inappropriate use, modifications or any other human mishandling including accidentally dropping devices, power surges, water damage and broken LED screens etc.
I accidentally managed to break my product. Can I send it back for repairs?
Unfortunately, Manufacturer's warranty does not cover damage to an item (e.g. accidentally dropping a product).

Contact your insurance company or arrange repairs through a professional repair company (at your expense).
What is liquid damage?

Liquid damage refers to the physical damage caused to an electronic device, such as a smartphone or tablet, when it comes into contact with liquid or moisture. This can result in damage to the device's internal components, which can cause it to stop functioning properly.

  • Physical damage to an electronic device caused by liquid or moisture
  • Can result in damage to internal components, causing the device to stop functioning properly
What causes liquid damage to a device?

Liquid damage can be caused by a variety of factors, including spills, splashes, or submersion in water. Moisture from condensation, such as from a sudden change in temperature, can also cause liquid damage to a device.

  • Spills, splashes or submersion in water
  • Moisture from condensation due to a sudden change in temperature

How can I prevent liquid damage to my device?

There are several steps you can take to prevent liquid damage to your device, including using a waterproof case, keeping your device away from liquids, and avoiding exposing it to sudden changes in temperature or humidity.

  • Use a waterproof case
  • Keep your device away from liquids
  • Avoid exposing your device to sudden changes in temperature or humidity

What should I do if my device gets damaged by liquid?

If your device gets damaged by liquid, it is important to act quickly to minimize the damage. Turn off the device immediately, remove any removable components, and use a dry cloth to wipe away any visible moisture. Do not attempt to turn on the device or charge it. Contact a professional repair service for further assistance.

  • Turn off the device immediately
  • Remove any removable components
  • Use a dry cloth to wipe away any visible moisture
  • Do not attempt to turn on the device or charge it
  • Contact a professional repair service for further assistance
Are repairs under warranty free?

Repairs are free if the fault is covered by the Manufacturer's warranty.
For items not covered by a warranty, we will issue a quotation for repairs. Read more about Manufacturer Warranty here

I am having an issue with my phone/tablet after I installed the new app.
If your app is not compatible with the OS and processor of your Smartphone/Tablet then we recommend you uninstall it.
I received my item but I do not like it, can I return it?
You are legally entitled to return it to us within 14 calendar days of receipt under the Right of Withdrawal in unopened and unused condition. (prior authorisation required for returns) 

- OneTech Gadgets will refund the item, excluding the cost of delivery.
- Returns are at the customer's expense.
- Items are to be returned to our address in the UK unless otherwise advised.
- Items are to be returned complete and in good condition, in their original packaging and including all accessories. Returns are inspected.

In all other cases, 20% restocking fees may apply. Once the item is returned in its original condition, in its original packaging and including all contents, we will process the refund within 14 days or dispatch a replacement as instructed. Buyer is responsible to return all items by secure and insured courier to cover against loss or damage. Please note that other conditions apply if your item is faulty or does not comply with specifications. Contact us for more information.
My product does not work or switch on.
Please make sure to charge your new device fully before using it. Restart the device. If this does not help please contact our Customer Support on +4420 3287 7997 for help.
What languages are supported by your Smartphone/Tablet
Most of our products support multi-language provided by Manufacturer. Please check the product description to make sure your desired language is available.
How can I change the Chinese Language to English or any other language?
Please click this YouTube Video link,  it works for almost any phone that displays Chinese. 
How long do you take to ship your items?
Please check the Dispatch and Shipping time mentioned below the Product Overview Section. Delivery time is an estimate only. Items may arrive earlier or later depending on stock location and courier service in the destination country.
If you are unsure of the delivery and dispatch time and have a specific requirement, please contact us via chat or email.
Which countries do you ship to?
We ship to Mainland UK and selected EU countries only. We are unable to ship to any other countries outside the EU.
What is your delivery cut-off time for the next day?
Orders received by 2PM will be processed the same day (Mon-Fri) if you paid for Special delivery and requested same-day dispatch 
1st Class Signed for orders are dispatched the next working Day. Delivery may take 1-3 working days depending on the courier service .
For EU orders normal delivery time is between 10-14 Working Days. We only ship to selected EU Countries.
The above time frame is an estimate given by Royal Mail. Any delays caused by Royal Mail will be investigated and the seller can not be held responsible for it. Please allow extra time for delivery during busy occasions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Easter and Christmas as well as industrial strikes before contacting our Customer Service.