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  1. The Apple iPhone 13 - Has Apple Taken iPhone Repairs Too Far?


    The release of the Apple iPhone 13, as usual, has been met with much excitement as Apple fans look to get their hands on the latest release. The new device brings with it a lot of top features giving users the scope to do more than ever before. Whether it’s the ability to shoot better videos or simply Facetime across multiple devices, there is no denying that Apple has hit the mark again, or has it completely missed the mark when it comes to iPhone repairs?

  2. UK Consumer Electronics Business Vs Marketplaces


    The consumer electronics business in the UK is a competitive market. This specific market has already seen the impact of globalization with many popular brands such as Apple or Lenovo competing on a global scale. Consumer behaviour has an impact on consumer electronics businesses as well. Since the world entered a global lockdown, online shopping has become a popular form of consumerism.


  3. Windows 11 upgrade: What are the perks?

    Windows 11

    The rumour about a Windows 11 upgrade code-named "sun valley” started like wildfire in January 2021. Now that it’s been confirmed, it's the only thing everyone's been raving about. You may be wondering, “Will there be windows 11?” “What are the features of windows 11?”

    We at OneTech Gadgets after in-depth research into the upgrade can say boldly that "Yes, it's worth the hype." Sit tight and get your full answers!

  4. 10 Best Gadgets every tech-lover needs

    During the last year, the UK became one of the places in the world that increased its purchases of smartphones, tablets and laptops the most. However, most people find it hard to know what product to buy next, especially with new tech gadgets coming out every single day.

    In this article, you will find the list of the top 10 best gadgets that every tech lover should have.

  5. The 6 Top Student Laptops Worth Considering This Year

    student laptop

    Anyone can become a student at any stage of their life but making sure you have the right equipment is important. One of the main pieces of equipment you’ll need is a laptop and that means that you’ll need to consider the student laptops currently available that are worth considering.

  6. The Apple iPhone 13 – Should You Buy It?

    The all new, highly anticipated iPhone 13 is finally here. With pre-orders available from 17 September and the official launch hitting the markets on 24 September, the wait is finally over! What better place to have a look for some amazing new phone and tablet deals than OneTech Gadgets?

  7. Lenovo Vibe P2 Smartphone - A Great phone with a Large Battery for a Small Budget

    The Lenovo Vibe P2 Smartphone is one of the best latest mid-range dual SIM smartphones available in the UK and sold by OneTech Gadgets . When browsing for latest smartphones , we usually look for a good battery, decent specs, a great battery, frequent software updates and the latest Android. With this one, you get all of this for a fair price. Do you think if this is the great deal you’re after? Read along!

  8. Teclast Tbook12 Pro Arrives With High-End Options At Unbeatable Price


    With both Windows and Android operating systems working seamlessly on this ultrapad, it won’t surprise anyone if the Teclast Tbook12 Pro finds its own set of admirers sooner than later. This versatile tablet-PC hybrid combines the immense benefits of portability and ease of use with the work capabilities of a laptop. Simply dock in the keyboard especially designed to work with its dual operating system, then go to work with high-definition videos and other media-rich content on the move. All this comes to you at an unbeatable price.

  9. UMi Smartphones : a recipe for success?


    umi_plus smartphones


    You’ve heard of HTC, LG and NEC, but the initials you need to learn this year are     UMi. UMi Smartphones are set to be the biggest breakthrough smartphone   manufacturer of 2017, and are already famous elsewhere in the world for taking   the best parts of other manufacturer’s phones and combining them all together   to create super-smartphones.

  10. Tag Heuer Launch The world’s Most Expensive Android Smartwatch


    Ever wondered which is the world’s most expensive android smartwatch? Swiss watch maker; Tag Heuer announced their Connected Watch last November and its now on sale with a hefty price tag of $1500 (£1131). The Connected watch looks like a traditional mechanical watch at first glance but does it live up to expectations?

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