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 It’s called smartphone, but do you think it's smart? After all, most people use the smartphone to check Facebook, listen to music, play games, make funny memes and upload photos to Instagram. Not much intelligence is needed to run those things. However, the smartphone is essentially a small computer. Check out some accessories which can make your smartphone smarter, and your life easier. You’ll probably look at your smartphones differently now.


1. Media Link Micro USB:

There are smartphone gadgets we never thought about ten years back. One of these has ability to reflect the screen of your Android gadget specifically on your TV. You can transfer all your important data via Media Link Micro USB to your laptop or vice versa.


2. Smartphone Headsets:

Top notch 40mm drivers join with Active Noise Cancellation Smartphone Headsets to convey particularly clear stable. Offering both wired and remote, these agreeable Smartphone Headsets offer a pleasant music experience and work with any smartphones with inherent Bluetooth connection or 3.5mm integration.


3. Remax Data Cable:

Rapid Charging and Data Transfer is the fundamental target of Remax Data Cable. High Quality copper conductor is utilized as a part of it. Remax Data Cable permits you to unite, synchronize and charge gadgets. It opposes high weight with a great outline. Remax Data Cable High-Speed USB 2.0 information exchange rate. It has a Support delicate level link plan, which can keep from hitching. Max 2.1A present can accomplish charging quickly and information transmission.


4.Stereo Earphone:

Stereo Earphone conveys extraordinary sound with profound bass and noteworthy sound detachment, for a flawless sound redesign with today's versatile advanced gadgets. Sound Isolating sleeves in different sizes obstruct outside clamor and give a safe, agreeable fit. The Stereo Earphone gave a premium sound, form quality and included an extra update from the standard "ear buds" supplied with today's versatile computerized gadgets.


5. Samsung Evo plus memory:

Save your valuable memories quickly. This Ultra High-Speed memory card is UHS-1 empowered, which implies it catches photographs and feature two times quicker than your common MicroSD. Exchange up to 360 photographs for every moment. With an exchange rate of up to 48 MB/ second, you can invest less energy exchanging recollections, and additional time making them. This memory card meets expectations consummately with even the most exceptional gadgets to save your recollections forever. We recommend you to use it with a Lenovo vibe shot.


6. Bluetooth mobile pill speaker:

We have two types of Bluetooth pill speaker at our store. One is Bluetooth speaker with striking configuration, great sound and volume for its size, good battery life, and speakerphone abilities. It has a tap-to-combine capacities for NFC-empowered cell phones, telephones, Apt-X innovation, and line inputs and yields. It additionally accompanies a decent conveying case. The 2nd one is Multi Function Mini SD FM RADIO Bluetooth Pill Speaker with built-in Radio Support TF/MP3 Player/FM. So if you want to enjoy additional features in a small size, then you can order this one.

7.Bluetooth Pill Speaker Dude Doll Character Holder:

The pill holder doll is used to protect the wireless Bluetooth speaker. We put a Bluetooth Pill speaker in their mouth and now they didn't quiet down. Every Pill character accompanies their unique expression, complete with moveable arms and heads. Snap the Pill into every character and still get direct access to sound and charging ports. Paint or draw on the matte completion to modify it and make all your own.


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