Original Magnetic Keyboard and Stand for Lenovo Tab P12 12.7" tablet

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  • PC-Like Typing: Experience 1.5mm key travel for comfortable typing.
  • Intuitive Touchpad: Navigate with a 62mm*105mm touchpad and gesture support.
  • Handy Shortcuts: Access 16 function keys for screenshots, search, and split-screen tasks.
  • Effortless Multitasking: Enjoy 30+ shortcuts and combos for maximum productivity.
  • Magnetic Ease: No more pairing headaches; switch to a "PC" state in seconds.
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Tailored for use with the Lenovo Tab P12/Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad  Pro 12.7" tablet, this magnetic keyboard and stand ensure a seamless fit for optimised functionality.

(This is the original Lenovo US-ENG Keyboard. A few keys for some characters such as " and @ are different in UK-ENG. Refer to the gallery image for an illustration)

Compact Design and Lightweight Portability

With dimensions of 296.27×193.46×5.5 and a support size of 195.5297.87.4, the keyboard is designed to be compact and highly portable. Weighing a mere 588g, it adds minimal bulk to your setup.

Elegant Grey Finish

Enhance your Lenovo Pad  12.7 with a sleek grey colour, adding a touch of sophistication.

Effortless Integration

Seamlessly integrate the keyboard and stand into your work or entertainment setup. The magnetic pairing feature eliminates complicated processes, transforming your Lenovo Pad 12.7 into a functional "PC" mode in moments.

Effortless Switching Between Modes

The detachable design allows you to switch effortlessly between work and life modes. Whether typing documents or enjoying multimedia content, this accessory has you covered.

Adjustable Viewing Angles

The support mode offers an adjustable angle of up to 165° for a comfortable and flexible viewing and creation experience. Ideal for watching videos, painting, or writing, it enhances the overall user experience.

Protective Case with Pen Slot

In storage mode, safeguard your device with a lightweight and durable protective case that includes a convenient pen slot for on-the-go creativity.

Quality Craftsmanship

Crafted from selected plain leather material, this magnetic keyboard and stand combo not only adds functionality but also offers a delicate and comfortable touch.

Enhanced Typing Experience

Featuring a 1.5mm high key travel, the keyboard delivers a tactile and responsive typing experience for improved productivity.

Intuitive Touchpad with Gesture Support

Navigate effortlessly with the 62mm*105mm touchpad supporting intuitive gesture operations, enhancing your overall user experience.

Streamlined Shortcuts for Efficiency

Access 16 intuitive function keys, including shortcuts for screenshots, search, and split-screen functionality to boost your workflow and multitasking capabilities.

Productivity Unleashed with Shortcuts

Unlock more than 30 shortcuts and combinations by holding down the Ctrl key for 3 seconds, streamlining tasks and making you more productive.

Magnetic Pairing for Instant Use

Bid farewell to tedious pairing processes. The magnetic pairing feature ensures a swift transition to a "PC" mode, allowing you to get to work without delay.

Versatile Usage Modes

Adapt to your needs with an adjustable support mode offering up to a 165° angle for comfortable viewing and creation. Switch to storage mode for lightweight and durable protection, including a convenient pen slot.

Plain Leather Elegance

Crafted from selected plain leather material, the keyboard and stand combo adds functionality and sophistication to your workspace.

Seamless Integration into Your Lifestyle

The Xiaoxin Pad 12.7 Magnetic Keyboard and Stand effortlessly transitions between your work and personal life. Its detachable design allows you to adapt on the go, providing the flexibility needed for a dynamic lifestyle.

Compact Storage, Maximum Protection

In storage mode, this accessory transforms into a lightweight, protective case, safeguarding your device during travels or in between tasks. The pen slot within this mode ensures your creativity tool is always within reach.

Immersive Creativity at Your Fingertips

With an adjustable support mode offering up to a 165° angle, find the perfect position for your tasks. Whether you're binge-watching, sketching, or typing away, this accessory elevates your comfort and creativity.

Efficiency Meets Elegance

Designed with more than just utility in mind, this keyboard and stand combo boasts a tasteful grey finish. The selected plain leather material not only enhances durability but also adds an elegant touch to your workspace.

No Strings Attached, Just Magnets

The magnetic pairing feature eliminates the need for complex setups. Within moments, your Xiaoxin Pad Pro 12.7 becomes a productive workstation without the fuss.

Limitless Possibilities with Magnetic Convenience

The Xiaoxin Pad 12.7 Magnetic Keyboard and Stand redefine versatility with its magnetic pairing feature. Say goodbye to cumbersome pairing procedures; effortlessly switch to 'PC' mode and dive into your tasks with unparalleled ease.

Adaptable Design for Every Scenario

Whether you're embracing the support mode's adjustable angles for a comfortable viewing experience or opting for the storage mode's protective casing during transit, this accessory adapts to your lifestyle seamlessly. It's the perfect companion for the dynamic professional or creative enthusiast.

Effortless Navigation, Elevated Efficiency

The keyboard's 1.5mm high key travel and the touchpad's gesture support ensure a fluid and responsive user experience. Swiftly execute commands with 16 function keys, while over 30 shortcuts, accessible with a simple Ctrl key press, supercharge your productivity.

Guardian of Your Device, Keeper of Your Ideas

In storage mode, not only does the accessory shield your Xiaoxin Pad 12.7, but it also provides a dedicated pen slot for instant access to your creative instrument. Never let inspiration slip away – capture it effortlessly.

Fashioned for Elegance, Built for Endurance

Crafted from meticulously chosen plain leather material, this keyboard and stand combo not only exudes elegance but also guarantees durability. The delicate hand feel adds a touch of sophistication to your tech ensemble.

Integrate the Lenovo Pad P12 12.7 Magnetic Keyboard and Stand into your digital lifestyle, where convenience, style, and productivity converge seamlessly. Elevate your tablet experience to unprecedented heights.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Magnetic Keyboard
  • User Manual



Product Size (Keyboard US Layout) 296.27×193.46×5.5
Support Size 195.5*297.8*7.4
Net Weight 588g
Product Colour Grey

Product Note: Images are for illustration only and may slightly differ from the actual product. Manufacturer warranty will not cover any compatibility issue, inappropriate use, human mishandling including water damage and accidental damage, etc  Please refer to Manufacturer Warranty section for more info  *T&C of Sales apply -  OneTech Gadgets

Please check the compatibility with your device before purchasing. 

Technical Specification
Country of ManufactureChina
Modelfor Lenovo P12 12.7" tablet (KB566U) ZG38C05233
ConnectivityPOGO PIN
Screen Size12.7"
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