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Would you pay £10,000 for an android smartphone? The world’s most expensive smartphone hailed as ‘The Rolls Royce of Smartphones’ was launched at an event in London.  Celebrities including Leonardo de Caprio attended the launch of the Solarin android smartphone which is now on sale in London.





If you expect lots of bling and luxury for £10,000 then the Solarin smartphone may not be the device for you. Sirin Labs Co founder Moshe Hogeg admitted ‘We are downloading the bling on purpose, we are not about luxury, we are about technology’.




According to Sirin Labs; the Solarin has a’ Carefully curated privacy package’ offering users the ‘strongest possible mobile privacy protection worldwide’. The device incorporates advanced privacy technology called ‘Zimperium’. This is usually only found in security agencies. The Solarin also features military grade encryption. The Solarin can be switched to ‘shielded mode’ which increases encryption even more.
Solarin's developers claim their new android smartphone is the best in the world. Sirin Labs say their device is made from the finest components and features brand new cutting-edge- technology. The Solarin offers high levels of encryption and also boasts the world's best smartphone screen. The device has a superb 23.8 MP camera and loud speakers which deliver rich sound.
The Solarin is a 5.5 inch android smartphone with an IPS LED 2K screen. The Solarin is powered by a Qualcomm snapdragon processor and has wi-fi download capabilities of 450 Mbps. Full HD movies can be downloaded in 5 seconds onto the Solarin. The Solarin has wi-fi speeds 10 times faster than regular smartphones and the device offers more 4G LTE bands than any other smartphone.




Although the Solarin is a military grade smartphone which gives users an enormous amount of protection against cyber crime; The Solarin features more apps than usually found on such a secure device. A Sirin spokesman said ‘We managed to combine a military phone with a phone for everyday use.’


Sirin Labs believe they have a market of around 60 million people for their Solarin smartphone. The device is aimed at high-level business people and celebrities who demand an ultra-secure android smartphone which will protect their calls, messages and data.




The Solarin android smartphone is now on sale at Sirin.com, The Company’s store in Mayfair London and will be sold at Harrods from the end of June. Customers wishing to purchase a Solarin will need to be verified by their passports.  The Solarin will not be available for sale in every country.


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