In 2015 many manufacturers met customer demands for large screen tablets bringing a great choice of larger tablets at reasonable prices. This means that you don't have to splash out over £600 on an iPad pro to get an awesome large screen tablet which enables you to do everything from work to play on the same device. Dual booting tablets boast professional windows operating systems along with the familiar android operating system.




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Best Budget Tablets with 9.7 inch screens

A 9.7 inch screen is perfect for reading e-books, watching videos, playing high-end games and doing work. Typing is fairly easy on a 9.7 inch tablet and its still small enough to pop into a handbag. Several 9.7 inch tablets in our range offer dual booting enabling you to use windows for work then easily switch over to android for watching videos, playing high-end and listening to music.

Teclast X98 Air


This is an awesome 9.7 inch tablet featuring both android and windows operating systems, 3G connectivity, 2MP selfie camera and a 5MP rear camera to capture your Christmas memories. A free screen protector and Bluetooth keyboard case make this tablet an ideal Christmas gift at under £200. To learn more about the Teclast X98 Air click here


Cube i6 Tablet


Another 9.7 inch tablet worthy of a mention. This tablet benefits from built in Wi-Fi and takes a SIM card so it can be used to make calls and send texts. An android tablet with 2GB RAM and 32 GB of ROM giving plenty of storage. The Cube i6 has front and rear cameras. At £169.99 its a great gift that wont break the bank. To view all the great features of the Cube i6 Click here.



The Teclast X98 Air III


An affordable 9.7 inch tablet that's perfect if you're looking for a tablet suitable for work and play. The Teclast X98 Air 111 features windows 10 and android dual booting, a powerful quad core processor and a whopping 64GB of storage all for under £185. Check it out here.


The Teclast X98 Pro
An amazing budget tablet with a large 9.7 inch screen. This tablet has dual booting which operates windows 10 and android. Other benefits of this tablet are Intel's updated quad core cherry tail processor, retina display and a micro SD card slot. The Teclast X98 Pro is available for under £220 with free screen protector. Check out all the great features of the Teclast X98 Pro here.




Awesome Yet Affordable Tablets With Screens Over 10 Inches

The Cube i10


This stylish tablet boasts a massive 10.6 inch screen. The powerful quad core processor means its fast and has good battery life. The dual boot system features Windows 10 Pro pre-installed for business use plus android 4.4 for entertainment. The Cube i10 has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and support for USB. You get loads of great features packed into this device for under £180. Take a detailed look at the Cubei10 by clicking here.



The SANEI N10 Tablet
3G and Wi-Fi connectivity along with a fast quad core processor make this whopper a favourite. The SANEI N10 comes with a free stylus. Our biggest screen tablet delivers a lot for your money at the ultra low price of £129.99. See exactly what you get in the SANEI N10 by clicking here.

Large screen tablets make ideal Christmas gifts and there is still time to order your large screen tablets for delivery in time for Christmas. OneTech Gadgets stock a wide range of affordable tablets from standard 7 inch screen tablets right up to the latest larger tablets with screens over 10 inches. To view our full range of tablets click here.

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