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Can android smartphone apps help to reduce stress? Are there apps which can actually make us feel calmer? Smartphones are frequently blamed for increasing the amount of stress in our lives. There are an abundance of android smartphone apps to reduce stress, leave us feeling calm and lead to better sleep quality.





Many of the calming android smartphone apps to reduce stress are free and you don’t need to devote much time to create a calmer new you. Read on for OneTech Gadgets Guide to the best android smartphone apps to reduce stress.



Calm: A great free app which aims to bring a little more calm into your life. Download Calm to discover how your mood and daily life can improve with a bit of meditation. Calm promises to help you to relax and sleep better.


Calm app offers a 7 day free beginners course. Once you have experienced the benefits you can sign up for a paid for deeper meditation practise.


Calm offers guided meditation sessions. Choose from 2 minutes of meditation or up to 30. You also get relaxing music and natural scenes you can immerse in.




Stop Breathe & Think: This app won a Webby award for health and fitness and has been downloaded by over 2 million users looking to bring a bit of calm into their lives. Stop Breathe & Think app aims to give peace of mind by enabling you to take just a few minutes each day to feel calm. The app’s developers claim that a bit of calm is as important to our well being as regular exercise.


Stop Breathe & Think is free, fun and easy to use. What makes this app different, is that it asks how you are feeling before you begin then suggests suitable meditations based on how you are feeling and thinking.


Stop Breathe & Think will teach you how to relax and meditate regularly. You will learn to be aware of your thoughts and how to use compassion and kindness to deal with daily challenges.


Stop Breathe & Think offers emotion tracking and tailored timed meditations.




Headspace: is the ultimate app for anyone who thinks they won’t be able to meditate. Andy Puddicombe  a former Buddhist monk is the founder of Headspace. He won’t tell you to clear your head of thoughts.


Headspace offers a free ‘Take 10 Programme’ which teaches you the basics of meditation. You commit to just 10 minutes a day. After that if you wish to continue your journey with Headspace you can pay for packs and one off sessions.


The thinking behind Headspace is 'You can train your mind for a happier and more enjoyable life'.

Headspace offers guided and unguided meditations lasting from 2 minutes up to 1 hour.




Happify    If you want more happiness in your life or are looking to banish negative thoughts download Happify. This app aims to let you take control of your emotional health. Happify offers tools that will effectively enable you to take more control over your feelings and thoughts.


When you use Happify regularly you will feel brighter and cope better with day to day challenges. Happify was developed by scientists and psychology experts. The Happify app helps you to build resilience and reduce stress by overcoming negative thoughts. 86% of Happify users say they felt happier after 2 months of regular use.




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