Fed up with annoying pop up ads and want to know how to block ads on an android smartphone? You are not alone. Ads are annoying, disrupt your online activity and eat into your data allowance. You also pay to load mobile ads which  can lead you to exceeding your data allowance. In 2015 the average Brit forked out around £40 for exceeding their data allowance. Around 2 million smartphone users worldwide have already discovered how to block ads on an android smartphone. Are you ready to join them and block ads on your android smartphone?







OneTech Gadgets guide: How to block ads on an android smartphone


It’s simpler than you imagine to block ads on an android phone. Blocking mobile ads can be achieved by adjusting your browser settings or by downloading an ad blocking app.




How to block ads: Use Opera Browser

Opera Browser  is a mobile browser for android smartphones which has built in ad blocking software. This automatically blocks ads an so prevents you from getting irritated by annoying ads.




How to block ads: Android browser

Android browser users can block unwanted ads in a few quick taps. First open android browser. Next tap on the three dots menu in the right hand corner. Then go to - settings – advanced – block pop-up ads.

How to block ads: chrome browser

In chrome browser pop-up ads are usually blocked by default. To check if this is so - Open chrome browser - Go to three dot menu in right hand corner and then tap – settings – pop-ups – block pop ups. (If it is not set just swipe to block ads)

Install an ad blocking app

There are loads of ad blocking apps available from Google Play.




Adblock Browser for android is one of the most reputable ad blocking apps for android smartphones Adblock  has been around since  2006 for laptops and is now available for android smartphones. Adblock  has been downloaded by over 60 0000 users.

Download  paid for versions of apps

Free apps are usually funded by advertising. Often a premium version of free apps is available for a small charge.  Pay for the premium version and you won’t be bothered by unwanted apps

What are UK companies doing to block ads on you android smartphone?

The UK mobile company Three is taking action to stop ads at network level. Three have partnered with an ad blocking company called Shine.  In June the partnership will start testing the ad blocking technology before rolling it out later this year. All ads will be blocked so this has caused some controversy as mobile advertising is big business.

O2 are another UK company looking into mobile ad prevention at network level.

Tesco will pay you to watch ads on your android smartphone

Tesco have taken a different approach to mobile ads and will pay customers to watch ads. Tesco mobile customers can save £36 a year on their bill by downloading Xtras In return customers agree to watch ads every time they swipe to unlock their smartphone. Tesco are  giving Xtras’ users 200 MB of extra data per month as part of the deal. Tesco promise there will be no videos to watch. Xtras is available to pay monthly and SIM only customers. You can specify your interests to get relevant ads.




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