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Tablets have evolved into bigger and better devices. Laptop grade tablets are replacing laptops with detachable tablets that now enable us to do virtually everything we use a laptop for, but can a tablet really replace your laptop?

As we have become used to the convenience of touch friendly tablets manufacturers are re-thinking tablets and innovating them to make tablets we can work on. The Teclast X16 Pro is one of the latest business focused tablets.


Tim Cook believes the iPad Pro can replace a laptop even though it's limited to iOS apps. The iPad Pro starts at £679 and this doesn't include the Keyboard (£112) or Apple Pen (£65). Many other tablet manufacturers are now producing business focused tablets that we can work on. If you don't want to cough up over £600 there are more pocket friendly business focused tablets available.


Teclast X16 Pro:'Business focused budget laptop'



The Teclast X16 Pro has a huge 11.6 inch screen and a dual boot operating system making it an excellent budget 2 in 1 PC/ tablet which doubles up to give a great performance for both work and entertainment. The Teclast X16 Pro runs the latest Windows 10 for getting your work done fast and efficiently then simply switch to Android 5.1 to enjoy videos, games, e-books, music and more.

The Teclast X16 Pro comes with a well designed keyboard that responds fast enabling speedy and pleasurable typing and doubles as a docking station . The Teclast X 16 Pro also comes with a free stylus giving you all the tools you need for professional work at no extra cost.


This business focused tablet has a huge 8500 mAh battery which gives around 5 hours working time on Windows and up to 7 hours on Android. The Teclast X16 Pro is powered by an Intel Cherry Trail Atom Chip which was developed for high-end devices and is used in the Microsoft surface 3. The Cherry Trail is specifically designed for dual OS tablets to run Windows and Android and delivers great graphics and improved battery life.



More great features of the Teclast X16 Pro

4GB of Ram and 64 GB of ROM provide plenty of storage for your business needs and the device supports a microSD card which extends the storage to 128GB.

With built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth your connection needs are well met. This device also benefits from a standard USB port and a micro USB port.

Camera wise the Teclast X16 Pro has a 5MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera great for Skype calls and conferences.

The Teclast X16 Pro gives great performance for both professional and leisure use and the battery life is excellent for a large screen tablet.

Audio quality is good and loud when the speakers are used a headphone jack is also available on the device.


For a tablet costing under £300 and weighing just 612 grams the Teclast X16 Pro delivers a lot for your money. If you need Windows 10 for your work and want a keyboard and stylus too at an affordable price; this could be the business tablet for you.



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