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In the UK most of us replace our android smartphone every couple of years. This means that there are a lot of old smartphones cluttering up drawers and cupboards. It is estimated that there are smartphones worth around £13 billion sitting around unused in the UK. There are many companies offering cash for old smartphones but you could lose out when cashing in your old smartphone.




Get cash for your old android smartphone

If getting some cash towards a new android smartphone is up your street; your best bet is to start with a comparison website  which will show you who is paying the best prices for your device.




Check out OnRecycle a new comparison website that compares customer reviews, speed of payment, payment methods as well as prices. OnRecycle compares all the major smartphone recycling sites so you can easily select the best deal for you.


Some of the UK’s most popular smartphone buying companies are Compare and recycle, and Cash For Your Old Android Smartphone? What You Need To Know - See more at: Before you rush to send off your old android smartphone bear in mind there have been reports that some smartphone buying companies have not paid the amounts originally quoted on their websites.


Customers have also had very short periods of time in which to decide if they will accept or reject the offer and have ended up paying postage to get their devices back.




Before committing to selling your old android smartphone

Take a look at user reviews of recycling websites

Check the company lists a phone number on its website

Read the small print and the company’s complaint process

Check the time limit for rejecting a quote

Make sure you won’t be charged if you reject the offered price and ask for your device to be returned

Check who the parent company is as they often own several sites some of which may have bad reputations




Other ways to dispose of an old android smartphone?

There are lots of fun and creative ways to make use of an old smartphone. Take a look at OneTech Gadgets 9 great uses for an old smartphone for ideas on how to make use of your old android smartphone.


Give your old android smartphone to a friend or relative?

These days nobody really wants to use an old smartphone and it’s now cheaper than ever to buy a new smartphone. OneTech Gadgets sell a huge range of affordable android smartphones. Their selection includes a Lenovo smartphone under £100




Donate your old smartphone to a charity

Recycle 4 Charity will recycle your old smartphone without damaging the environment and raise money for a good cause too. You can even choose which charity you would like the proceeds from your smartphone to go to. Recycle 4 Charity accepts damaged, broken and locked phones.


Remember to clear all data from your android smartphone before selling or recycling it

First encrypt all data so it is unreadable. To do this go to settings-security-encryption option (this may take around 1 hour)


Next remove all your accounts by going to- settings- remove all listed accounts including your Google account

Finally do a factory reset by going to- settings- factory data reset. This will return your android smartphone to it’s out of the box state although updates to the OS will remain.




Where to buy an affordable android smartphone in the UK

OneTech Gadgets are a UK based online store with an exciting range of android smartphones to meet every budget. To take a look at OneTech gadgets latest deals and special offers on android smartphones click here