Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting android smartphones and infecting them with malicious malware. Android smartphones are easy targets for cyber criminals as many users do not take the most basic steps to protect android smartphones and personal data from hackers or malicious viruses.







We install antivirus software on our laptops; yet many smartphone users fail to protect their android smartphones. People don't realise that smartphones are just as vulnerable to viruses as laptops. Smartphones also need protection.We wouldn't dream of installing unverified software on our PC's yet we  download all sorts of apps on our smartphones without thinking of the consequences.

The latest malicious malware targeting android smartphones is the deadly 'Mazar' virus. In Denmark alone over 100,000 smartphones have been infected with Mazar, according to reports from Danish security company Heimdal. An innocent looking link is sent to smartphonesvia a text message which looks like an MMS. When the link is clicked Mazar software is installed and takes control of your smartphone. Mazar gives admin rights to the cyber criminals via anonymous internet connections.




Once Mazar is installed on an android smartphone, it can spy on your internet use and view all information sent and received. Mazar can make calls using your number and your text messages can be viewed by the cyber criminals. Codes sent by banking apps and online stores can also be read by the culprits. Mazar is capable of sending text messages to expensive premium numbers raking up huge bills. Mazar can also change your smartphone's settings. In the worst case scenario Mazar can completely wipe handsets.

Russian cyber criminals are believed to be behind Mazar, as the virus does not install itself on smartphones where the language is set to Russian.


OneTech Gadgets offers the following advice for keeping your android smartphone and personal data safe from cyber criminals:-




1. Install a reliable antivirus app for android smartphones. Choose a reputable antivirus expert such as AVG. AVG offer a free antivirus app for smartphones (or you can pay to upgrade). AVG's free version will protect your smartphone from viruses, malware and spyware and gives anti-theft protection. To download AVG's fee antivirus app to your android smartphone click here

2. Only download apps from trusted sources such as Google Play. Even when downoading apps from Google Play proceed with caution. The odd malicious app has found its way into Google Play. Malicious apps often pose as popular apps and can appear remarkably similar to the genuine app. Check the number of downloads. If it's a popular app but hasnt been downloaded many times it is probably a malicious fake. Also check user ratings of any apps you plan to download.

3.Don't click on links in text messages, multi media messages or emails unless you are completely sure they are safe.

4. Don't connect to unsecured or unknown WI-FI networks as cyber criminals can gain access to your smartphone in this way.

5. In the settings section of your smartphone disable the option of downloading and installing apps from unknown sources



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