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Lenovo unveiled their new bendable smartphone at the Tech World conference in Silicon Valley to an excited audience. The Lenovo bendable smartphone named the CPlus is an innovative smartphone which is fully flexible and capable of bending so you can wrap the CPlus around your wrist like a bracelet. Will the Lenovo bendable smartphone be the world’s first wearable smartphone?








Chinese smartphone maker Lenovo are renowned for their innovation in smartphone technology.  Lenovo’s bendable smartphone was showcased in two sizes, large and small and there was a choice of 12 different colours.The Lenovo bendable smartphone is android operated and the screen on Lenovo’s bendable smartphone is 4.26 inches. Both the display panel and the body of the CPlus are flexible and bendable.




The market for wearable devices is growing and smartwatches are undoubtedly useful wearable devices although they don’t give the full features and benefits of a smartphone. Consumers around the world have been eagerly waiting for some time now for a fully functioning android smartphone that is as flexible as their lifestyles.

So when can wear expect to be wearing our smartphones on our wrists? Unfortunately it will be some time before we are walking around wearing smartphones like bracelets. According to Aymar de Lencqesaing, Lenovo’s head of mobile, the bendable smartphone ‘could be reality in 5 years’. The CPlus requires further development before being launched.

A number of smartphone makers have hinted that they are developing bendable smartphones so Lenovo will be pulling out all the stops to get the CPlus launched as soon as possible.



A relatively unknown Chinese company called Moxi Group have announced that they have a bendable smartphone ready for shipping in 2016. Moxi’s wearable smartphone which can be worn on the wrist, uses graphene technology and e-ink similar to that used in Kindles. The device which is available in black and white will go on sale in China first and could be rolled out in other countries if there is the demand. It is not clear if the Moxi bendable smartphone is a serious competitor in the race for wearable smartphones, though Moxi's wearable smartphones may sell well just because they are the first to be launched.

Lenovo are a well known technology company who are probably not too concerned about Moxi’s wearable smartphone but will no doubt be keeping an eye on how well it sells and reviews from users.


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