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Lenovo smartphones have been hitting the headlines recently, as they have quickly become stiff competition for big name brands such as Apple, Samsung and HTC. This popular and cost effective smartphones are set to become the ‘next big thing’ in the UK, so now is the time to snap one up. We have put together everything you need to know about Lenovo smartphones, including their features and benefits, along with some of the best models to keep an eye out for.


Lenovo Smartphones Features and Benefits

If you’re looking for a smartphone that is packed full of the features you know and love, at a price that puts brands like Apple to shame, then you need a Lenovo. With excellent battery life, stunning displays, and all of the apps you could possibly need; a Lenovo smartphone ticks all of the boxes. Here are some of the key features and benefits you can expect from most of the Lenovo offerings:

The latest Android software - This means that you’ll always be up to date and able to access the biggest and best apps on the market.

Lenovo Phone

Stunning displays - Many of the Lenovo smartphones have some of the best displays on the market, including HD and their own 20/20 Vision curved glass display. You can watch all of your favourite videos on a Lenovo smartphone, without compromising on quality.


Top notch battery life - Lenovo understand that you need to be able to use your phone all day, without having to put it on charge every 5 minutes. The battery life on their smartphones is incredible, some may say record-breaking, for an Android phone.


Polished design - It’s not just about all the great features on a Lenovo phones; they look fantastic too. Some of their business models are the best looking phones on the market, and even their budget phones look great. Your friends will be green with envy when they see your Lenovo phone.


Dual Sim - Want two numbers so you can separate business and pleasure? Most Lenovo smartphones will let you do just that! Even the slightly cheaper, budget models.


Powerful Processors - Many of the Lenovo smartphones feature extremely powerful dual core or quad core processors. One of the best has an Intel processor too, so you know these phones are going to be top of the range.


These are just some of the many key features and benefits you can expect from the variety of Lenovo smartphones. Each phone has it’s own focus, whether that be on media and entertainment, business and professional, or family friendly and affordability. You’ll be able to find something that suits you, and your budget, when purchasing a Lenovo smartphone.


Models of Lenovo Smartphone

Now that we have looked at some of the overall features and benefits, it’s time to delve a little deeper. Here are some of the most popular Lenovo smartphone models and why they are such best sellers:

Lenovo P780

P stands for productivity in Lenovo smartphones, which is certainly the case with this incredible gadget. Featuring a quad core processor to allow multi-tasking, a huge 5” HD display, and unmatched talk time (25 hours on 3G), you won’t find a phone quite like this. It has also got an incredible price tag, for full function Android smartphone. It looks and functions better than other brands’ offerings, such as the iPhone, Samsung and HTC, so that makes it a winner in our books.

Lenovo P780

Lenovo A516

Lenovo A516

At the lower end of the budget scale is the A516, which may be cheaper but Lenovo certainly hasn’t compromised on quality. This slim and stylish phone as a 4.5” display, and a 5M camera for high-res photos and HD videos. Featuring the latest Android software, the Lenovo A516 is perfect for everyone. It’s almost a tenth of the price compared to an iPhone and has many of the same features; which would you choose?


Lenovo K900

This is the cream of the crop, and is certainly a rival that Apple, Samsung and HTC should watch out for. With an extremely powerful Intel processor and full HD 5.5” display, it actually has better specs than most smartphones on the market. It may be a pricier option than some of the other Lenovo smartphones, but it’s still a fraction of the cost compared to an iPhone.

Lenovo K900

By now it should be obvious why you should be investing in a Lenovo smartphone. They look and function better than many of the big name brands, and they’re a fraction of the price. At One Tech Gadgets we pride ourselves in offering Lenovo smartphones at even more affordable prices, along with fast delivery and expert customer services. Plus, if you’re not sure on your new Lenovo smartphone we even offer a money back guarantee. What’s not to love?

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