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If your smartphone is less than a couple of years old and has recently started playing up; the cold weather could be to blame. Extreme cold can make smartphones switch themselves off unexpectedly or discharge their batteries very quickly. Some parts of the UK have been experiencing temperatures as low as -14. Frustrated smartphone users in these parts of the UK have discovered it can play havoc with their smartphones.

Why is the cold adversely affecting your smartphone? The reason for this is that smartphones are powered by Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries which do not perform well in extreme cold. Li-ion batteries are unable to produce enough power to keep a smartphone operating at low temperatures.. When temperatures dip the internal resistance in Li-on batteries increases giving lower capacity and making them less efficient. The lower the temperature gets, the worse the problem becomes.




When temperatures fall below freezing (even for a short period)your smartphone's battery may only last half as long as it would at room temperature. It may show 40% battery remaining yet still cut off. This is because battery meters are calibrated at normal temperatures. Its just like trying to start a car on a cold morning. Low temperatures affect the car's battery and reduce its performance; making it a struggle to start.
Apple's iPhones are just as susceptible to the cold as other smartphones. Apple say the comfort zone for their smartphones is 0-35 degrees and between -20 to 45 degrees when the phone is switched off as the battery is not powering the smartphone. Most smartphones would generally fall in these comfort zones.
Tips for getting longer battery life from your smartphone.




Make sure your smartphone is fully charged when you brave the cold outside

Keep your smartphone as warm as possible. If possible keep it in a pocket where it will benefit from body heat.

Keep your smartphone dry.


Keep a power bank with you for emergency smartphone recharging and get a smartphone case to keep your device warm.

Don't leave your smartphone in a cold place for a long period of time.

Unfortunately as many smartphone users discovered last summer, smartphones don't cope to well in extreme heat either.


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