With summer holidays just around the corner now is the time to think about how to protect your smartphone at the beach. A few simple steps will protect your smartphone from damage caused by the sun, sand and sea. Read on for OneTech Gadgets top tips on how to protect your smartphone at the beach.






Keep your smartphone cool and away from direct sunlight

If your smartphone is left in the sun, the battery life will be reduced and the battery could incur permanent damage. Your smartphone will not perform well if it gets hot. Remember to keep your smartphone in the shade and cover it to prevent sun damage.



Keep your smartphone dry

Whilst there’s nothing like a dip in the sea or the pool, make sure you don’t take your smartphone in the water too. Water can seriously damage your device. Make sure your smartphone is not in your pocket before you dive in.  To protect your smartphone at the beach Invest in a heavy duty waterproof smartphone case . This will keep your smartphone dry and can be used underwater to snap sea life or your antics in the pool.




What to do if your smartphone gets wet

If you do have an accident with your smartphone and it gets wet; it is important to take action immediately. The longer water stays in a smartphone the more likely it is that the device will suffer permanent damage.

Turn off your smartphone, and then remove its battery and SIM card. Gently mop up as much water as you can with a soft cloth then leave your smartphone to air dry in a well ventilated place.

Finally, Place your smartphone in a bag of uncooked rice which will absorb any remaining moisture. If sea water has entered your smartphone the salt can cause serious problems. Gently rinse off the salt with fresh water then dry off as much water as possible before leaving the device to air dry.



Protect your smartphone from sand

A smartphone case and screen protector  will protect your smartphone at the beach by helping to prevent sand scratching your smartphone’s screen and getting into the devices nooks and crannies. Sand can cause serious damage if it gets into your smartphone’s slots and sockets.

A re-sealable sandwich bag is a must have in order to protect your smartphone at the beach. Pop your smartphone in  this to keep the sand out. Even if you have a case and screen cover it’s not a bad idea to still pop your device in a sandwich bag for extra protection against sand.

What to do if sand gets into your smartphone

Prevention is better than cure but if you do get sand in your smartphone remove the grains with a soft toothbrush. Gently tap the device to remove any grains that have got trapped inside your device.

Don’t drop your smartphone

If you drop your smartphone it may suffer scratches, cracks or even get broken. A smartphone with Gorilla Glass gives you peace of mind knowing that you have extra protection against damage to your device. If you are buying a new smartphone for your holiday choose one with Gorilla Glass such as the ASUS ZenFone 2




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