Smartphones with fingerprint scanners offer an extra level of security. Mobile devices secured with a fingerprint give smartphone owners a quick and easy way to unlock a smartphone . Fingerprint scanning is widely believed to offer greater protection against snoopers and make  smartphones less desirable to thieves as the devices are useless unless the owner is present.





Researchers from the computer science and engineering departments at Michigan University recently discovered that it is possible to trick smartphone fingerprint scanners using an inkjet printer. The researchers were quickly able to unlock several leading brands of android smartphones using an inkjet printer. To do this they obtained a high quality fingerprint of the smartphone owner registered on the device. This image was then scanned into a PC. The image was scanned with the fingerprint reversed so that it came out looking like the normal fingerprint.



To produce a high quality fingerprint scan, an inkjet printer needs to be fitted with with special AgIC cartridge containing conductive ink. The paper required to print the fingerprint is the same as paper used to print circuit boards.  The scanned fingerprint should be printed in 2D  with the size of the printed fingerprint exactly the same size as the actual fingerprint. The image produced will then trick the smartphone scanner into unlocking the device. This will allow you to gain entry into the smartphone.




The researches say that 'This experiment further confirms the urgent need for anti-spoofing techniques for fingerprint recognition systems, especially for mobile devices which are being increasingly used for unlocking the phone and for payment'.

The risk to most smartphone owners using fingerprint locking security is very small as anyone attempting to get in to their device would need a good quality scan of their fingerprint. Generally finger print scanning is secure and provides mobile device owners with a second layer of protection. Smartphone companies are constantly exploring ways to further secure smartphone fingerprint scanners.




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