Recent UK Smartphone news revealed that Three were merging with O2. Smartphone users expressed concern that the Three / O2 merger would mean higher bills. These fears were heightened when OFCOM's CEO Sharon White announced that that the merger could mean higher bills for UK smartphone users. It appears that UK smartphone users don't need to worry about higher bills and could in fact benefit from lower bills and better services due to the merger of Three with 02.




Three have responded to customer concerns by reassuring customers that prices will not go up in the next five years. In a statement Three UK's Chairman, Canning Fox reassured customers that the company will not 'Raise the price for customers of a voice minute, text or megabyte in the five years following the merger'. In fact it looks like customers may actually pay less and get more as a result of the merger.

Three have promised customers that the combined company will ' Deliver real competition, not just slogans.' Three are also confident that the merger will give them more clout in competing with telecom giants BT and Vodaphone,



Fox pledged that all cost efficiency achieved by combing the business will be shared with customers like for like which could result in customers benefiting from lower bills. Fox also promised that the quality of service provided by the joint company will improve. The combined company plans to invest £5 billion in their UK business over the next 5 years. This is al least 20% more than the individual companies would have invested if the merger had not took place.

The merged telecoms companies will use the Three Logo for branding. O2 customers have been reassured that there will be no changes to their contract, coverage or terms and conditions. From June 2016 all customers will enjoy improved data coverage. Super fast 4G is expected to be rolled out in the coming months. Three customers who receive free 3 to 3 calls will now also get free calls to O2 numbers too.



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