Ever wondered which is the world’s most expensive android smartwatch? Swiss watch maker; Tag Heuer announced their Connected Watch last November and its now on sale with a hefty price tag of $1500 (£1131). The Connected watch looks like a traditional mechanical watch at first glance but does it live up to expectations?






The Connected Watch is without doubt beautifully designed, striking and classy. This android smartwatch is constructed using luxurious materials and will appeal to those who like the finer things in life. Function wise the Connected Watch doesn’t offer much more than you can find on a cheaper android smartwatch.



The general consensus is that the Connected Watch is a high quality wearable device which is light and comfortable to wear. It will appeal to consumers who want to have smart functions on their wrist without compromising on style and fashion. The connected watch is not available online. To purchase one, you need to visit a store.


The Tag Heuer android smartwatch gives around 2 days of use from a single charge. This is due to its 410 mAh battery which is larger than the 300 mAh battery found on most smartwatches. Performance is smooth and the connected watch is compatible with both android and iOS smartphones. The connected watch is splash proof and water resistant but not water proof.




The Connected Watch is bulky and definitely more suited to male wrists. The smartwatch is available in 7 colours. The rubber strap and plastic back are a bit of a let down on such an expensive android smartwatch. The screen quality is not exceptional and the Connected Watch lacks a heart rate monitor and GPS.

Tag Heuer developed their Connected Watch in partnership with Intel who provided the chips and Google's android wear is the OS. Tag Heuer created the look and feel. Tag Heur have a solid reputation for producing classy expensive timepieces and their connected watch is no exception. The faces on the connected watch are called ‘dials’ one of the dials looks exactly like the face on the Tag Heuer Carrera watch. The second dial looks like Tag Heuer's Aquaracer face.




The body of the connected watch is made from grade 2 titanium and although the watch is thick and sturdy it feels light. The Tag Heuer icon is displayed on the side button. The 1.5 inch display is larger than on many android smartwatches and is made of sapphire. The Tag Heuer connected watch has been compared to the Motorola 360 android smartwatch which retails at around a sixth of the price of Tag Heuer’s android smartwatch.


Tag Heuer are offering customers who purchase their Connected Watch a trade in after 2 years to the Tag Heuer Carrea watch (which is not a smartwatch). The Carrea retails at around $3000. To take up the trade in offer you will have to cough up another $1500.


The Connected Watch enables users to make and receive calls from the device and send text messages. Apps on the connected watch include; alarm, weather, stocks n shares, golf, news, Gmail and Google reminders, flight information and song lyrics.  You can play music and control volume and playback from the connected watch. There is also a feature called guides which tells you what's on in your area. The Connected Watch is a fitness device too.




If you are looking for a more affordable smartwatch the Teclast T11 smartwatch is a great wearable device with plenty of features minus the huge price tag. The T11 looks similar to the Apple Watch and is compatible with android and iOS smartphones. Features include; a passometer, fitness tracker, sleep tracker, message reminder, call reminder and camera.



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