With both Windows and Android operating systems working seamlessly on this ultrapad, it won’t surprise anyone if the Teclast Tbook12 Pro finds its own set of admirers sooner than later. This versatile tablet-PC hybrid combines the immense benefits of portability and ease of use with the work capabilities of a laptop. Simply dock in the keyboard especially designed to work with its dual operating system, then go to work with high-definition videos and other media-rich content on the move. All this comes to you at an unbeatable price.



With Chinese tablet manufactures holding roost in major international markets, dual operating system tablets started looking similar with the Remix OS working in tandem with Windows. However, Teclast chose to introduce a dual operating system that seamlessly shifts from one to the other allowing users to work with a host of digital gadgets including laptops, smartphones, and smart televisions.


Powered by the Cherry Trail Z8300 processor, the Teclast Tbook12 Pro has the functionality of a high-end laptop at half its price making it a tempting product for buyers looking for the sweet spot between the laptop and tablet. This Quad Core CPU works great with Android and Windows devices, so you now have a processor that consumes less energy without compromising on performance over text-based content and even major software and media-rich applications.



Though many may say this dualOStablet looks uncannily similar to an Apple product, this business class hybrid laptop has everything you'd want in a high-end laptop, including a stunning high-definition 1920 x 1200 resolution screen that’s ideal to enjoy clear high-definition videos without buffering. With its huge 64GB internal storage and practical 4GB RAM, it offers you total control over its capabilities. Whether you're looking to connect your 12.2 inch Tablet to your laptop, smart television, or mobile, you’ll find it extremely easy to handle this Ultra book style hybrid Tablet PC.



Talking of functionality, the Teclast Tbook12 Pro is designed with minimal features in front to make it look like a tablet. All you see is a single 2.0 MP camera for you to click a few selfies or host a video chat.
Gamers will have something to say about this 16:10 10-point multi-touch display, as they may be restricted by the number of games compatible with this pixel range. However, photographs and videos look great on its full HD screen.



When Teclast released their Teclast X10, X2 Pro, and X98 Plus, all these offerings made its mark in the tablet arena, but it was left to the Teclast Tbook 12 Pro to start the company's transformation into the adaptable laptop arena with its specially designed docking Teclast Keyboard.
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