Teclast X3 Pro


Teclast X3 Pro Core M  is an impressive premium tablet PC which is available  from OneTech Gadgets. The X3 Pro Core M ultra book delivers superb performance making it perfect for business users who need to multitask and a must for travellers. If you need a fast, powerful tablet PC and want the best value for money the Teclast X3 Pro Core M is the perfect device for you. The X3 Pro is the latest generation of Teclast’s Windows tablet PC’s and delivers the benefits of a genuine version of Windows 10 which comes pre-installed.






Teclast X3 Pro Core M is stylish, well built and boasts a black finish. The X3 Pro is an ultra thin and incredibly light tablet PC which is highly efficient but noticeably quiet. The X3 Pro is an easy to use tablet PC which enables you to get all your work done rapidly and efficiently using the genuine pre-installed version of windows 10. From typing documents to sending emails work is a doddle on the X3 Pro.


The X3 Pro is a solidly built 11.6 inch tablet  which benefits from  an aluminium alloy casing. This means the tablet is both strong and light. The X3 Pro is the latest generation of tablets following on from the success of  the Teclast X2 pro. The X3 Pro has more advanced features and delivers a better performance. Teclast have built a reputation for producing  exciting yet affordable Windows and dual OS tablets including the best selling Teclast Tbook 11.


Teclast X3 Pro Core M benefits from Intel’s new Skylake Core M3- 6Y30 dual core processor. Core M is a new generation processor which really does bring the  performance of a laptop to tablets. The benefits to the user are a thin, light device which performs quietly and the ability to navigate easily and multitask efficiently. On the X3 Pro You can have several tabs open and still send emails. A powerful 4500 mAh battery supports the Intel processor.



The screen on the X3 Pro features Generation 9 HD graphics with adaptive display technology . This makes the screen responsive, accurate and capable of displaying sharp, vibrant and true to life images. The X3 Pro features a 5MP rear camera, which comes in very handy for taking  snaps of documents plus a 2 MP front facing camera which enables selfies and Skype video calling.


The X3 Pro features ac wireless technology. Ac wireless gives you a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection even when the device is at a great distance from the source. AC wireless enables better quality streaming of videos and allows faster transfer of data. Ac wireless uses less power which means longer battery life.



Teclast have provided a generous amount of storage for photos, videos and music on the X3 Pro.  8 GB of RAM and 128 GB ROM extendable up to 128 GB with a TF card (not included). The X3 Pro features HDMI connectivity which enables you to connect the X3 Pro to a smart television and enjoy a large screen HD movie experience and enhanced gaming. Teclast X3 Pro Core M has 2 USB ports and supports an active stylus and keyboard dock (not included).



Overall; Teclast X3 Pro Core M delivers excellent value for money. It is a powerful business centric device with an abundance of great features. To take a more detailed look at the Teclast X3 Pro click here


OneTech Gadgets are delighted to be the UK's leading supplier of Teclast products. Teclast have become a major player in producing business focused tablet PC's by combining technological innovation with style. Teclast have invested heavily in research and development to meet their commitment of ‘quality comes first'.


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