A large Tablet PC is now more popular than a laptop in many homes and  workplaces. Most large screen tablets can handle the same range of tasks as a PC and are more convenient due to their light weight and portability.  OneTech Gadgets' top 5 reasons to buy a large screen tablet PC are:-






Large screen tablets are an affordable alternative to laptops

Large screen tablets don't need to break the bank. OneTech Gadgets stock a wide range of affordable large screen tablets. Their range includes dual OS tablets with screens up to 11.6 inches.

Large screen tablets are work centric and great at multi-tasking

The latest large screen tablets are aimed at the business user and can handle all the tasks you use your PC for. Many large screen tablets have Windows 10 pre-installed.  Large screens makes typing fast and easy. You can multi-task, share files and view your work in high resolution on a large screen tablet.

Large screen tablets offer the best of both worlds

Large screen tablets such as the ONDA 11.6 w have dual OS capabilities and offer Windows along with the android operating system in one easy to use device. This means you get the features of a laptop and the benefits of a tablet. Some large screen tablets even support a SIM card enabling you to make calls


Large screen tablets are light, portable and flexible

Whether you want to lounge on the settee and watch a film or need to bring your work home, a large screen tablet is easily transported and won't weigh you down.

A Large screen tablets is ideal as a family PC.

A  large screen tablet PC in the home,means all the family can use it to connect. Large screen tablets are great for keeping in touch via Skype video calling. The whole family can use a large screen tablet to browse the internet, send emails, listen to music and much more. For some good old fashioned family bonding why not download the Monopoly app to your large screen tablet.

OneTech Gadgets Best selling large screen tablets

Cube i10

The Cube i10 is a dual boot tablet PC with a generous 10.6 inch screen. This affordable tablet operates Windows 10 Pro and Android 4.4. The Cube i10 benefits from a powerful 6600 mAh battery and an Intel quad core processor. This device offers 2 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM. Other features include front and rear cameras along with built in Wi-Fi , Bluetooth plus a mini HDMI port.


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ONDA 11.6 w

The ONDA 11.6 w large tablet PC features a huge 11.6 inch screen and dual boot operating system. Windows 10 Pro and free Office Pro Plus are installed along with android 4.4. The large screen features IPS air retina and is capable of delivering 4K videos. Weighing just 766 gm this is an easily transported large screen tablet. Other great features are front and rear cameras and a Micro SIM card enabling the device to make calls.



Take a look at the ONDA 11.6w here


This stylish white large tablet PC has a 10.1 inch capacitive screen. A powerful 8600 mAh Li-on battery partnered with a Qualcomm quad core processor gives up to 5 hours use. The SANEI N10 runs android 4.4. and has front and rear cameras. This affordable android tablet supports 3G and has built in Wi-Fi. The device has front and rear cameras and comes with a free stylus.


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OneTech Gadgets stock a wide range of affordable large screen tablets from brands including ONDA , Teclast and Chuwi.

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