You’ve heard of HTC, LG and NEC, but the initials you need to learn this year are UMi. UMi Smartphones are set to be the biggest breakthrough smartphone manufacturer of 2017, and are already famous elsewhere in the world for taking the best parts of other manufacturer’s phones and combining them all together to create super-smartphones.






Here at OneTech Gadgets, we’re one of the leading retailers of smartphones and tablets, with expert knowledge that’s second-to-none, and we’re in the best position to advise on the latest tech gadgets available in UK and Europe. So, are UMi Smartphones a recipe for success? We think so!




UMi Digi are a Chinese smartphone manufacturer who until recently have only sold in China and neighbouring countries, keeping them Asia’s best-kept secret. Working with the latest smartphones (including Asus Zenfone UK, Android mobile phones and Lenovo smartphones UK), the manufacture gather the most desirable components from the top smartphones to create ‘super’ phones – with the best power and features around. This is an approach we don’t really see in the UK; but once you experience their phones, you’ll be converted. Now exporting around the world, you’ll even be able to find parts from Dual SIM smartphones and Xiaomi Smartphones in the UK.

The first of these UMi smartphones to hit the British market is the UMi Plus, a flagship of the brand that really does contain the crème de la crème when it comes to features.

A finger print smartphone, it has Touch ID 2.1 for the best security around, and is one of the premium Android phones available with Pure Android 6.0 installed as standard. It’s a 5.5 inch smartphone but noticeably more compact than other phones with screens of this size (and if you’re after a 5 inch phone, 5.5 inch phone or 6 inch smartphone, other models in the UMi range will cater for your requirements).

A nice small Android phone, the Plus sleek design is more Apple than Sony for a stylish change to the norm. ‘Phablet’ phones are also included in the UMi range with 6.8 inch phones available, but the Plus sits nicely in the mobile phone category.


4GB Samsung EMMC+ LPDDR3 RAM makes up the memory of this 4G phone, alongside a 256GB expandable memory, so this isn’t just another ‘off the shelf’ 32GB phone – or even 64GB phone! The freedom to expand the Umi Plus’ capacity makes it ideal to install games and apps, and do away with your kids’ phone, instead lending them yours so you can monitor usage better.


The ingredients in the Umi Plus Smartphones aren’t just Samsung RAM and Android OS, but also a screen made by Sharp (that 5.5 inch FHD LTPS 2.5D Arc screen is tip top) and a Sony 4000 mAh PE+ quick charging port. Combine these with a Mediatek Helia P10 Octa Core processor,



Aerospace 6000 series aluminium alloy body shell and a Samsung 13 Mega Pixel camera, and as far as we’re concerned, the UMi Plus is a real recipe for success – a triumph of engineering for a smartphone experience that’s really second-to-none!



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