Power Banks have evolved over time and are extremely beneficial. This is precisely why more and more phone owners are snapping up such accessories. On certain occasions, it can be simply life-saving. Just imagine a situation when you are receiving a very important business call and your phone goes off!, worse chatting or Skyping with him/her and just when you were about saying something sweet….. Well you know the rest!




This and other question are being asked by curious minds and this post will help you understand all there is to know about Power Banks before you decide on buying one.

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1. What’s Power Bank?

• Power Bank’s serve as an ‘extra battery’ or external charger for your phone or other electronic devices.

2. Where are Power Bank’s made?

• All over the world but majority of the Power Banks in the market is actually made in China.

3. How do I charge the Power Bank?

• You can charge your Power Bank via the charger that came with your phone, computer USB port or using another Power Bank. Instructions are provided in the manuals that come with it ecg

4. How long do I need to charge the Power Bank?

• It varies, depending on the REAL CAPACITY of the Power Bank. The larger REAL CAPACITY, the longer charging time required. Different charging methods may result different charging time as well. Charging with the original charger will be faster than charging with computer USB port.

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5. What is mAh?

• mAh refers to milliAmpere Hour, the capacity of the Power Bank is measured in mAh

6. How long can a 12000mAh capacity Power Bank, able to charge a phone with a 1500mAh battery?

• To be able to calculate the total charge time, we use the formula below:
REAL CAPACITY * conversion rate * phone battery health / phone capacity = total charge times
EXAMPLE: 12000 x 0.8 x 0.8 / 1500 = 5.12 charge times (0.5-1 times plus minus)

7. What is conversation rate?

• Conversation rate is the remaining percentage of the battery after the battery lost in heat or PCB operation.

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8. What is phone battery health?

• This term refers to how healthy a phone battery is. When you buy a new phone, the battery will operate normal and could last you about 3-6 months depending of the phone usage and charging periods. When you exceed this period, you should be thinking of getting a new battery.
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