Teclast x98air

Teclast X98 is a new wave of technology. Smartphone and tablet  users have grown astoundingly in the last couple of years and as a  result there is always demand for good devices in the market. Consumers are always looking for products that will give them their money’s worth through performance, durability and distinguishable features. If you are glancing for a high performance, easy to carry tablet, then you should seriously consider the Teclast X98 Air. This tablet is available in both 2G and 3G versions. Its light, slim body makes its very portable and it also packs a good punch with its software and Hardware specs.



It weighs at 498 grams and has a 7.4mm slim design similar to i-Pad air.  The display is 7.9 inches.


At the heart of the Teclast X98 Air is a 64bit Intel Bay Trail-T 1.83GHz 3736f (X86 architecture for better multi-tasking) processor that brings a great 64-bit computing experience. It also has 2 GB DDR RAM and has options for either 32/ 64 GB Nand flash.

Battery Life

The chips are made with the help of 22nm technology which helps in higher performance yet lowers the battery consumption. It is also enhanced by the second generation Intel Burst technology which adjusts the frequency of the processor clock to control the battery consumption.


Another notable feature is the Retina display with 2048x1536 resolutions and up to 265ppi. It improves saturation and brightness and makes the color display vivid.  Other hardware highlights include-

•    5 MP rear and 2 MP front camera
•    Gen7 video card (DirectX11 and OpenGL 3.2)
•    Dual AAC speaker
•    Bluetooth 4.0
•    4K HD video playback


The Telcast X98 has dual OS feature- it supports both Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4


Enjoy long battery life with 8500mAh lithium polymer battery. It gives 8 hours of usage and 6 hours video playback.


Telcast X98 is pocket and status friendly item unleashed in the market and already obtained a quality response. This is an undeniable fact that those who will ignore it may have to wait for a new enigma to be launched again. This much awaited version is in nutshell will be topping the Windows series soon.

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