Are you bombarded by ads popping up on your smartphone? Mobile advertising is big business and advertisers are constantly coming up with new ways to track you and send out targeted ads. Many of these ads have been designed to be difficult for you to close. Advertisers deliberately make the X hard to find or impossible to click. ASUS is the first major smartphone manufacturer with plans to stop its customers being annoyed by mobile ads.





ASUS to stop annoying smartphone ads




Taiwanese smartphone maker ASUS have taken the initiative of partnering with Adblock Plus to put an end to annoying ads spoiling your smartphone experience.

ASUS team up with Ad Blocker

ASUS smartphone users who use the ASUS browser will soon benefit from the joint ASUS/ Adblock Plus initiative preventing pop-up ads. Till Faida Co Founder and CEO of Adblock Plus has said ' We're extremely happy to team up with ASUS the first major hardware manufacturer to integrate ad blocking into their mobile devices.'

ASUS smartphones UK

The UK smartphone market has been wowed by ASUS's affordable android smartphones since the ZenFone range was launched in the UK in 2014. The ZenFone Selfie has been a big hit with selfie fans. Prior to the UK launch ASUS smartphones were already selling well globally. According to Counterpoint Research ASUS are now the fastest growing smartphone brand. ASUS's shipments of smartphones increased 500% from 2014 to 2015 with the ZenFone 2 being particularly popular.

Why we are bombarded with mobile ads



Mobile advertising annoying though it is, is big business and growing. As we spend more time on our smartphones it has become the most effective way for advertisers to promote their products and increase awareness. Mobile ads drive user engagement and provide advertisers with a better return on their investment than other forms of advertising.

Facebook who began selling mobile advertising in 2012, saw their net income from mobile advertising increase by 11% in the third quarter of 2015 to $896 million.

An end to mobile ads may mean we pay for content

Prevention of pop up ads may come at a price. Many websites and apps would have to charge users for content if it was not subsidised by advertisers. Smartphone users often don't realise why content is free and may prefer to have ads than to pay for apps and content. Many free apps have an ad-free paid for version.

Apps for preventing pop up ads


Adblock Browser for android is a free app that blocks annoying pop ups and intrusive ads including those on Facebook and YouTube. Download Adblock browser here.

Mobile ads loaded with malware

Mobile ads have also been used to infect smartphones with malware that steal personal details and bombard you with ads. If you get a particularly high number of ads, your smartphone could already be infected.


Where to buy an ASUS ZenFone in the UK


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