New android smartphone? Wondering which apps you need? Before you go crazy and start downloading apps willy-nilly there are some important things you need to know.






Secure your smartphone with an antivirus app


It is essential to protect your smartphone and personal data from hackers. Before you download any other apps secure your smartphone with an antivirus app. AVG is a reputable antivirus company offering a free app for android smartphones. Download your free AVG antivirus app here 


Download apps from reputable sources

Fake apps can look almost identical to genuine apps but may be loaded with malware and unwanted ads. Google Play is a reliable source but take care as fake apps have even made it onto Google Play If what appears to be a popular app hasn't been downloaded many times it could be fake. Check user reviews before downloading apps.


Where is the nearest Wi-Fi?



Wifimapper app provides reliable and accurate information about nearby Wi-Fi sources. With wifimapper it's fast and easy to find your nearest Wi-Fi spot. The app provides a detailed map showing the quality of nearby Wi-Fi connections and whether they are free or paid for. Download wifimapper here


Free calling and messaging apps



Skype is the all time favourite VoIP app. It's free, easy to use and gives unlimited video calls. Download Skype here

WhatsApp is the worlds most widely used messaging app. It provides instant messaging and photo sharing and recently added free voice calling services too. WhatsApp is free for the first year then a small annual fee is paid. Download whatsApp here


Apps to help you stick to your new year resolutions


Learn a new language

Duolingo makes learning a new language fun and easy. This free language app is well designed and helps you learn both vocabulary and grammar. As you progress with the language you are rewarded with points. Duolingo is the ideal app for brushing up on a language before a trip. To download duolingo click here


Get Fit in 2016



MyFitnessPal is an easy to use calorie counting app which can be used to plan your diet, track what you eat and help you win your battle against the bulge. To keep track of your calorie intake and loose weight download MyFitnessPal


Train your mind

If challenging your brain and keeping the mind ticking is your goal then Peak is the app for you. A daily dose of fun yet challenging games strengthen your cognitive skills and train your brain. The app helps you sharpen your skills and tracks your progress. Download Peak here


Reading apps



The Kindle reading app can be download onto your android smartphone enabling you to read e-books on the move. There are thousands of free e-books available from Amazon for you to download onto your smartphone. Click here to download the free Kindle Reading App.

Pocket is a really great free app for saving stuff to read later. Read articles that catch your eye at a convenient time and share articles with friends too. Pocket can be downloaded here


New smartphone with a stylus?

RoughAnimator is a cool app for those whose smartphones have a stylus. RoughAnimator enables you to draw pictures and turn them into fun animations. Advanced features allow you to import audio to lip syncing to create truly impressive animations. Download RoughAnimator here
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