Biometric authentication of smartphone owners provides a higher level of security than passwords and could very soon completely replace passwords.

2015 has seen a huge increase in cybercrime both in the UK and globally. Hacking has become more sophisticated and cyber criminals have targeted large companies such as TalkTalk as well as individuals often stealing bank details and other sensitive data.



The cyber attack on TalkTalk was carried out by a group of teenagers. The cyber gang managed to gain access to 28,000 of the company's customers bank card details along with 1.2 million customers names, email addresses and phone numbers.




Loss and theft of smartphones can also leave smartphone users vulnerable to fraud and identity theft. In the UK alone over one million smartphones were reported stolen in 2015. Often it is not the device the criminals are after but the mine of personal data it contains. Currently most of us rely on passwords to protect our personal data but cyber criminals are easily able get past these.

Many of the latest smartphones already have biometric features. These smartphones can identify the user by taking a scan of their fingerprint. This guarantees that nobody else can access the users personal data.




What exactly is biometric authentication ?

Biometrics is new technology that recognise a persons unique physiological characteristics such as their fingerprint. Another form of biometric identification is scanning the iris of an eye.

Will biometrics totally replace passwords and PIN numbers?




Some experts claim that passwords are already old hat. They believe that by 2020 passwords will no longer be a primary log in method for smartphones. Other experts believe the combination of a password plus biometric authentication will become the preferred method of securing your smartphone.

What are the advantages of biometric authentication?

Biometric authentication removes the need to remember passwords and PIN numbers

A simple finger swipe will enable you to access your device and accounts

Your finger print is unique only to you and can not be copied

You need to be physically there in person to access your smartphone and data

Once scanned a finger print lasts forever as a finger print does not change

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ZTE V5 Pro: £164.99

A stylish 4G enabled dual-SIM smartphone with a 5.5 inch multi-touch screen. The ZTE V5 Pro is packed with loads of advanced features including finger print identification .Other great features of the ZTE V5 Pro include an electronic compass and gyroscope. The V5 Pro is powered by a Qualcomm snapdragon processor.

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