Android-vs-windows 8.1

With Google Android operating  systems offering many features and making its software available and adoptable for every android phone till today there was no doubt that it was the leader of the mobile software market and non comparable. With Apple’s IOS being used only in Apple’s mobile phones there was no competitor to Google’s Android.


However, today we can say that Windows Phone 8.1 operating system has given Google Android OS a matching competitor. Who looks better? – Android Kit Kat has a well recognizable interface compared as well to IOS, with its small buttons that stay beside each other , with a lot of space to enter your own widgets and with its bar at the bottom with the most usable icons. However Windows 8.1 comes more elegant with the live tiles following each other, all those interfaces, and plenty of tiny widgets that become active when scrolling up and down. Even though it appears a little messy and with no space among each tile the quiet and colored tiles make it nice and friendly to be used.

Personal Asistant

– The new Android Kit Kat has improved its Google Now assistant. It responds to both written commands and voice commands, it collects information about you and what you search more often and filters the information you need in providing better help. Windows Phone 8.1 has an addition that is adding a personal assistant as well, and is called Cortana. Even though Cortana appears to offer the same information and be activated the same way as Google Now it goes more in depth and gives more accurate information and it comes in a more human voice than Google Now.

Features and Applications

– Windows 8.1 has come with a new feature that is called Action Center. The action center resembles a lot the notifications that come on the Android Screen; it enables you to access the information a lot faster than it used to be. Android Kit Kat has improved a lot calling features; the frequently called contacts are presented at the top, the last phone call is highlighted at the top, it is easier to search a caller that is called frequently through typing one or two letters most. Moreover the caller Id system is improved and when searching about a business in the area it compares it in the Google contacts or Google Maps to make it easier to find a number. Windows Phone 8.1 beats Android Kit Kat when it comes to Contact least because when you select a contact you not only see all of his accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In or Google but as well it shows latest statuses etc.

As related to applications Windows 8.1 has tried to add as many as possible but it lacks far behind to Google’s 1.3 Million Applications. Whether you don’t mind to have only the basic and most known application such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you can easily pass to Windows 8.1 otherwise you need to keep using Google Android OS.

With the increasing competition among Android Kit Kat and Windows 8.1 some devices run on both of them and have a dual operating system. At One Tech Gadgets you may find the latest Techlast X98Air 3G Tablet running on both these operating systems. Visit our website and read our shipping and warranty policies.

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