Thinking of getting a new android smartphone or tablet ? Wondering what to do with your old one? We upgrade our smartphones around every two years so there are lots of android smartphones and tablets sitting around in drawers. OneTech Gadgets guide to making use of old android devices means you can treat yourself to an exciting new smartphone or tablet without feeling guilty.





9 Ways To Make Use Of An Old Smartphone Or Tablet




A home security camera.

Turn old android smartphones and tablets into home security cameras. Perch and SalientEye are free home security apps that enable you to utilise old smartphones and tablets as security cameras. Keep an eye on your home when you are out. The app records what is going on when you are not at home and sends alerts of any unusual activity.




A SatNav for your Car

No need to splash out on a Sat Nav. Load up an old android tablet or smartphone with an app such as Waze . Mount the device on your dashoard and you'll get up to the minute info on the best routes, local traffic conditions and much more. Waze helps drivers outsmart traffic by giving the best real time routes in your area. With Waze you will always know where to purchase the cheapest petrol too.

An e-book reader

An old tablet makes a great dedicated e- book reader. Download the Kindle App and you can access thousands of free books too. You can sync your new e-book reader with other e-reading devices including your Kindle.

A Music player

Turn an old android smartphone or tablet into a music player. Load your favourite music onto it or Download an app such as Music Player or Spotify for access to loads of music.

A digital photo frame

Use your old smartphone or tablet as a new digital photo frame.Download a free app such as Digital Photo Frame then your old android tablet or smartphone can be used to view photos and run slide shows.




An alarm clock

Turn your old android smartphone or tablet into an alarm clock. My Alarm Clock is a free alarm clock app ideal for downloading to an old android device.Leave your smartphone downstairs yet still have a reliable alarm clock that won't disturb you with calls and texts.




A telephone

Remember when every house had a fixed line and we used to call friends and family? Why not use an old smartphone or tablet as a modern day telephone. Download an app such as Skype and add friends and family into contacts.Leave it in a set place. Young kids and grandparents can then easily use the 'telephone' for a good old fashioned call or video chat with anyone in the contact list anytime.

A Scanner

An old tablet or smartphone can become your very own scanner. Download the handy app CamScanner then use your scanner to scan notes, invoices reciepts etc.

A Radio

Need a new radio ? download Tunein a free android app which gives access to over 100,000 radio stations. Keep your old android smartphone or tablet in the kitchen or bedroom and listen to your favourite radio programmes anytime on your new radio.

Treat yourself to a new android smartphone or tablet without feeling guilty. A new android smartphone or tablet wont break the bank if you shop at OneTech Gadgets.


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