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The number one complaint about smartphones is battery life. We have become increasingly dependant on our smartphones and rely on them more and more. This puts ever greater demands on the battery. There is nothing more infuriating than your smartphone running out of battery.






If your smartphone is more than a couple of years old it may be time to think about replacing it with a new affordable android smartphone. The latest smartphones benefit from more powerful batteries and improved energy efficiency. The latest android smartphones deliver much longer battery life; up to 48 hours from a single charge.




Most android smartphones have Lithium-Ion batteries. The general opinion is that Lithium- Ion batteries perform better when given a regular boost of charge, rather than being fully charged and fully drained. If your smartphone is fairly new there are a number of things you can do to get more battery life out of each charge


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OneTech Gadgets' Top Tips For Increasing A Smartphone's Battery Life




Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS

When Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS are turned on your smartphone will constantly send and receive signals and search for paired devices. This eats up your battery. You will save a great deal of battery by switching off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS when you aren't using them.

Dim your smartphone's screen

Do you need such a bright display? Dimming your screen is huge energy saver which will dramatically decrease energy consumption and extend your battery life

Shorten the screen's timeout

By shortening the time your screen stays active when not in use you won't waste power. Imagine how much less power is used when you reduce the screen's timeout from a minute to 15 seconds.

Close apps you are not using

Leaving apps running when they are not being used drains battery. Apps that are running in the background continue to send and receive signals wasting power. Simply by closing apps you aren't using you will extend battery life. Delete apps you never use.

Regularly update software to the latest versions

Make sure you are running the latest versions of Apps. Developers are constantly improving apps often with battery optimisation in mind.

Reduce Push notifications and email alerts

Consider refreshing email less frequently, maybe every 15 minutes rather than getting alerts when each email arrives.

If you don't need push notifications of every Facebook comment or immediate breaking news you can extend your battery life by reducing notification alerts. Disabling unnecessary notifications saves lots of battery power too.
Ringtones use less power than vibrations

When a smartphone is set to vibrate it uses much more power than when a ringtone is used.

keep your smartphone away from direct sunlight and extreme cold

Sunlight and extreme cold will reduce your battery life. Avoid leaving your smartphone in direct sunlight or hot places. Extreme cold will also shorten battery life. Store your smartphone at normal temperatures for optimum battery life.



Download a battery saver app

There are apps specifically to help you monitor and optimise your smartphone battery. One of the most popular is DU Battery Saver. Du Battery Saver is free to download, solves battery problems and extends smartphone battery life by up to 50%. To learn more about Du Battery Saver click here


Get a powerbank

A portable powerbank enables you to charge up your smartphone anytime, anywhere. Click here to learn the benefits of a powerbank

If these battery saving tips fail to increase your smartphone's battery life, it is probably time to get a new android smartphone.

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