lenovo vibeshot

The latest offering of Lenovo stands out due to its camera, making it more of a camera phone rather than a smart phone. Lenovo Vibe Shot will release on 22nd of May, 2015 in China with a global release scheduled in June. The 16MP camera is the main focus of this device. The primary camera is not the only feature that makes it a camera phone. Along with the 16MP camera, a tri-color LED is incorporated into the device, to click natural pictures even at night. Other features that add to the amazing picture clicking experience are infra-red autofocus, optical image stabilization along with an 8MP front camera.


The makers have provided two modes, a Smart mode and a Pro mode, and a dedicated button to switch from one mode to another. The Pro mode offers more options for the camera to be set according to the choice of the user, whereas in the smart mode the device regulates the settings according to the point where the camera is focused. The physical shutter button gives camera aficionados an exceptional experience.


This phone will be offered in three colors, red, black and white. The metal side panel along with the metal buttons is in the aforementioned shades. Gorilla Glass 2 offers protection to both the front and back of the device, since it is made up of two pieces of tempered glass. This lightweight device offers a 5-inch screen which makes it easily portable. It appears like a point-and-shoot camera from the back panel design. The screen offers a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, making video watching as well as picture viewing experience more than pleasant.


Hardware and software specifications


The Snapdragon 615 chip for 64-bit devices powers this device and is complemented by a 3 GB RAM. It also offers 32 GB on-board storage along with the option of extending the memory up to 128 GB. The 1.7 GHz CPU is considered sufficient for this device to operate promptly.


A dual SIM slot along with the option of 4G connectivity and Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system make this offering a combination of the latest technological features. The UI of this Vibe Shot is Vibe 2.5, which will soon be modified to a better and clear version and made available to users via Software updates.




Lenovo Vibe Shot might find success in the camera phone segment due to the camera sensor of high resolution and shutter key dedicated to camera. This device is being considered as more than capable of producing decent pictures and affecting the market of point-and-shoot cameras.

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