Asus is improving its overall performance in order to become the best in the smart phone industry. So far the specifications featured in Asus smart phones was the only reason for its popularity, now the modified user interface is adding to the cause.Listed below are some tips and tricks which work on the latest updated version of Asus Zenfone 6.







Screen pinning


Screen pinning is a feature that works on most of the Asus devices which have both the latest Zen UI and Android Lollipop 5.5 version. This feature allows the user to pin an app to the screen and it remains active till it is unpinned. To pin an app go to recently used apps and click on the app you want to pin. In order to unpin this app, the user needs to hold both the back key and recent apps key together. This feature can be activated and deactivated using device settings.


Quick Trigger


Asus Zenfone 6 has the largest display among the Zenfone range due to its 6 inch screen, with a Gorilla glass. It can now be operated with one hand due to the latest Zen UI. Go to settings, ASUS customised setting and click on the quick trigger to turn it on. When the user clicks on the home screen twice, the home screen can be resized by dragging the corners inwards. To undo this action, tap twice on the home button.




App drawer personalization


The modified Zen UI allows the app drawer to be customised. The apps Zenfone 6 can be segregated according to all apps, most frequently used apps, only downloaded apps and customised apps. The app drawer can be customised by locking, hiding and disabling apps or by applying animation to the scrolling feature.


Easy to use gestures


Now using your Zenfone 6 has become even easier due to the addition of several handy features. Double tap on the empty home screen to put the phone to sleep and double tap again to turn on the display.


Managing home screen


The entire home screen can be customized by flipping up on any blank area of the screen. Wallpapers, themes, fonts and icons, all can be customized.




Manage auto-start


This smart device allows you to increase battery life by denying apps permission to start as soon as the device turns on. The 3400 mAh battery life in conserved and the device lives longer while being used actively and on standby mode. You can choose which apps will start as soon as the device turns on. It is suggested that you choose frequently used apps only.


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