Around 4 million TalkTalk customers may have been affected by last week’s massive cyberattack on the company’s website. The ‘significant and sustained’ attack is the third to hit  the telecoms company since 2014.TalkTalk have been criticised for failing to implement changes suggested a year ago by cyber security experts.

TalkTalk admitted that ‘Not all of the data was encrypted’ but added ‘We believed our systems were as secure as they could be’. TalkTalks CEO Dido Harding has received a ransom demand from the hackers asking for £80,000 in Bitcoin.TalkTalk could be hit with a fine of £500,000 for breach of data protection and demands for compensation.

Who is responsible for the TalkTalk cyberattack?

A 15 year old boy has been arrested by police in Northern Ireland over the attack. Initially suspects included Islamic extremists or a country such as Russia.

Am I at risk from the TalkTalk cyberattack?


Around 4 million UK customers may have had their names, email addresses, telephone numbers, credit card and bank details stolen in the attack. It is unclear exactly how many customers are at risk but TalkTalk say the hackers will be unable to access customer’s bank accounts.

What can I do to protect myself? 

TalkTalk customers are advised to carefully monitor any unusual activity on their online accounts.

Be wary if you receive a phone call from anyone claiming to be a TalkTalk representative who asks for personal information, the caller may be a fraudster. Verify the caller is genuine and ask for a number you can call them back on.

Change your log in details for all accounts that have the same password.

If you receive any emails which appear to be from TalkTalk they could be phishing emails. Do not click on any links until you have verified the email is authentic

Report any suspicious activity to your bank or Action Fraud.

TalkTalk are offering free credit monitoring services

For the latest advice and information go to TalkTalk Help

Will TalkTalk compensate customers?


TalkTalk customers may be entitled to compensation with potential payouts of around £1000.

Can I cancel my contract with TalkTalk?

Many customers are angry to learn that TalkTalk imposes a £247 penalty on customers wishing to be released from their contract.

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