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Wearable technology has finally taken off and everybody from Pharrell to Beyonce is now wearing a smartwatch. Smartwatches have undoubtedly become the major technology trend of 2015 following the launch of the long awaited Apple Watch which was a huge success despite its eye watering price tag of around £300. Many smartphone makersand even Swiss watchmakers have turned their attention to developing smartwatches to meet the growing demands of consumers who want an android smartwatch.



You may be considering treating yourself or a tech-loving loved one to a smartwatch and wondering how much it will cost. Perhaps you are wondering why you need a smartwatch if you already own a smartphone or tablet. Here's why you need a smartwatch and how a smartwatch will enhance your life.


The Benefits Of A Smartwatch.




Imagine all the technology of a smartphone and fitness tracker combined in an attractive device that is conveniently worn on your wrist and you have a smartwatch. It enables you to stay connected at all times without the need to keep checking your smartphone or tablet. You can make and receive calls, send messages, take photos, listen to music, keep track of your fitness levels and sleep quality all at the flick of a wrist. Worried about looking like a geek? Smartwatches have evolved a long way from bulky plastic watches and are now sleek stylish must haves, worn by trendsetters and celebrities.


Things To Consider Before Buying A Smartwatch.


Price is a major factor to consider when selecting a smartwatch. As smartwatch technology is still evolving you may want to upgrade in the not too distant future so it’s not worth spending a fortune, plus paying more for a smartwatch does not guarantee you will get much more than if you opt for a budget model. If you are looking for a smartwatch under £60 check out the Teclast T11smartwatch here.

If you have an android operated smartphone or tablet and want to sync your smartwatch to it you will need to buy an android smartwatch such at the Teclast T11.


A Great Smartwatch Under £60? Check Out The Teclast T11.



The Teclast T11 smartwatch in classic black is slick, stylish and fashionable. It suits any lifestyle, always looks smart and matches any outfit. It’s got all the functions you need without confusing you with lots of stuff you will never use. The Teclast T11 smartwatch is simple to operate, a really useful device that’s compatible with android iOS smartphones and the battery life is comparable to more expensive smartwatches.


Functions and features of The Teclast T11 smartwatch


Ability to make and receive calls

Can send and receive messages

Fitness tracker to keep you in tip top condition

Sleep monitor to ensure you’re getting enough shut eye

Android compatible so connects to your android smartphone and tablet

Large 1.54 inches screen for ease of use

The Teclast T11 supports 2G

Has Bluetooth connectivity

Has a Slot for a SIM card

A 30W pixel to ensure you capture the moment

GPRS location


Where can I buy a Teclast T11 smartwatch in the UK?




OneTech Gadgets is a UK online retailer stocking the Teclast T11 smartwatch. Right now the smartwatch is available at just £59.99 and can be purchased through our secure online store, but hurry while stocks last. To order your Teclast T11 smartwatch right now click here.

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