ASUS's  ZenPad M tablet PC has just been launched. The launch was a very low key affair and not many details have been revealed about the ZenPad M.We do know that Wi-fi and LTE are supported. So why such a low key launch?




ASUS's new ZenPad M tablet PC's are primarily aimed at companies and small businesses rarther than individual business centric tablet users. ZenPad M's are the latest addittion to ASUS's popular Zen line of tablet PC's's.




The ZenPad M tablets are available in 7 inch and 10 inch versions. The tablets can be customised remotely by companies giving full control over what staff can and can't do on the ZenPad M. ASUS have focused on the benefits to businesses.The ZenPad M comes pre-loaded with ADAM or(ASUS Device Admin For Mobile.) This enables the tablets use to be managed locally or remotely.

ADAM enables companies and small businesses to have full control over all devices connected to the company's network. ADAM allows companies to block staff from using unwanted features and actions. The ZenPad M can be locked down to the use of a specific app meaning no other tasks can be performed. The device can be remotely locked and wiped. Screenshots of devices can even be taken remotely. ADAM ensures staff can't waste time on Facebook and other non work related acticvity. ADAM also enables remote updating of apps.These features are conveniently bundled together; suprisingly not in an app but in the web browser.


ASUS is one of the worlds largest technology companies. ASUS who have been producing great value laptops since 1989 now also manufacturer tablets and smartphones. In 2010 ASUS launched their first tablet PC . This was the EeePad, a device developed to compete with Apple's new iPad..

In 2011 ASUS launched their ZenPad range of tablet PC's. The ZenPad proved popular with consumers as the brand combined slick design with advanced features. In 2015 ASUS expanded into the smartphone market with innovative devices including the ZenFone Selfie.  A selfie centric smartphone which received rave reviews.


Customers are increasingly demanding business centric tablet PC's. Tablets which give the full capabilities of a laptop  and have Windows pre-installed along with the android OS. Dual OS tablets give users the convenience of needing just one device for both work and leisure.
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Teclast X16 Power


The 11.6 inch screen makes it easy to work using the pre-loaded version of Windows 10.Then simply switch over to android 5.1 for entertainment. With a powerful 8500 mAh battery and Intel Cherry Trail quad core processor, this device is great at multi-tasking and delivers plenty of battery life.The device benefits from wifi, HDMI and Widi.Storage wise you get a generous 8GB RAM and 64 GB ROM. Photo fans can capture everything on the 5MP rear camera. There is a 2 MP selfie cam too.



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ONDA V919 3G Air

A dual OS tablet with a large  9.7 inch screen perfect for business activity. This tablet has a 7000 mAh battery and quad core processor delivering speed and great battery life. Windows 10 and android 4.4 are pre-installed meaning you can work then relax with a video or grab some action with a game. This device supports a micro SIM card slot enabling you to make calls. Front and rear cameras are another great feature of the ONDA V919 3G Air.


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